Our Story

Babies Only was founded in 2004 by me Sandra Beckett. I am a mother who raised two boys who were a mainstay of my husband's and my life. For many great years I had a busy and fulfilled life, but my sons grew up. They will always be my babies, but now I’m just Mom or Grannie and this is the way it should be.

A creative at heart, I have always loved designing and making clothes and seeing the final product of an idea I have. I never liked the idea that boys clothes were to be brown or navy which is what I mostly found in the stores I shopped at when the boys were little. So I decided to make and dress my babies in bright and fun colors.

My Kids Clothing Boutique

After my children were grown I decided to found a children’s store where parents could find top quality baby clothes at a moderate price. I stocked clothes and gifts that you wouldn’t just any find at any common store. I diligently worked to insure to offer clothes fun to wear, yet comfy and stylish with soft and bright colors.

I loved everything about running a store, purchasing our inventory, the displays and most of all the interaction with my customers. It gave me great satisfaction helping my customers find what they needed or deciding on the “perfect” gift for a special baby.

Birth Of Babies Only

Eventually the store became a 24/7 responsibility leaving me with very little time to visit my boys and their families. After much thought and prayer, I decided an online store was for me. I especially enjoyed shopping for babies clothes and decided to focus on the babies clothing and gifts niche. Babies Only (BabiesOnlyOnline.com) was “born”.

Stellar Customer Service

Now I still get to shop and find “that special outfit or gift”. Our pledge and policy is to offer stellar customer service, and insure our customers know they are important and feel like they “matter”.

I remember a saying from many years back;

“There is only one perfect child and every parent had him or her.”

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