White by Jefferies Socks


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To help determine proper fit of baby clothes and childrens clothing, please use these Size Chart as a guide in making your children's boutique clothing selections. Obviously, there are slight differences between vendors -- and since each child is unique -- we cannot (and the vendors do not) guarantee the fit of a garment.  Babies usually outgrow their clothes in length before they do in weight.       


NB5-8up to 21
0-3 Monthsup to 1522
6 Months16-1822-24
9 Months19-2124-25
12 Months22-2425-27
18 Months25-2627-30
24 Months27-3031-33

White by Jefferies Socks


Infant white leg warmers by jefferies socks.

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Material:70% Cotton / 28% Polyester / 2% Spandex
Brand:Jefferies Socks
Age Group:Infant
Size:One Size Fits Most
Care:Machine Washable / Tumble Dry

Leg warmers by Jefferies Socks are the new great.  They provide warmth and comfort for baby.

8cm X 30cm.  Size is infant to kids.

70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% spandex

Make diaper changes a breeze

Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces

Keep legs warm year round

Provide light weight sun protection

Make potty training easier

Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion

Feet remain free to allow for successful crawling and walking

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White by Jefferies Socks

White by Jefferies Socks

Infant white leg warmers by jefferies socks.

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